UFC 252 Stats And Video Highlights: Stipe Miocic Defeats Daniel Cormier

Stipe Miocic has been one of the most inspiring fighters to watch in recent memory, because even while being the best Heavyweight UFC fighter of all time he still wakes up in the morning and works a 9-5 job as a firefighter. The man has a full plate, along with being one of the top fighters and a firefighter the man also makes time for a podcast and raising his children including the recent new member of the Miocic clan, Mateo Miocic who he and his wife, Ryan introduced to the world last month.

Miocic was born on August 19, 1982 in Euclid, OH to his parents who were both Croatian immigrants. Miocic’s mother was very supportive of her son and encouraged young Stipe to play sports. Miocic played many sports in high school including  baseball and football. Miocic also wrestled while at Eastlake North High School. After High School Miocic attended  Cleveland State University and Trevecca Nazarene University where he played baseball, and got some interest from major league organizations. Mioicic eventually graduated with a major in marketing and communication.

In 2005 Miocic was a training partner for MMA fighter Dan Bobbish as Miocic was a division one wrestler. Miocic started training MMA in Independence, OH out of  Strong Style MMA Training Centre. Miocic started boxing and switched to the sport and accelerated in the sport becoming the Cleveland Golden Gloves Boxing champion. Miocic was said to be very skilled, and beat many more experienced boxers regularly.

Miocic eventually switched back to MMA where he made a strong showing winning his first six fights by knockout. He eventually won the  NAAFS Heavyweight Championship. This caught the attention of The UFC and in June of 2011 Miocic signed a contract with the UFC Brass. Miocic made his UFC debut at UFC 136 in October of 201. Miocic won via unanimous decision, Miocic would continue to grow as a fighter, and would eventually get a title shot in 2016 five years into his UFC career. He took his shot at UFC 198 where he went up against UFC Heavyweight champion, Fabricio Verdum. Miocic would go on to defend his title four times over two different stints as UFC heavyweight champion. 

Most recently Miocic stepped into the octagon against Francis Ngannou. Even though Miocic lost his title to Ngannou he displayed an amazing chin taking shots that would knockout a lesser fighter. It is not known who Miocic will face next in the UFC. Currently Miocic is ranked second in the UFC heavyweight division. And eighth in the UFC pound for pound rankings. It is rumored that Miocic was offered a fight against Jon Jones, and feels like he was snubbed for the interim title fight.

Hopefully Miocic fights again soon because whenever he walks into the octagon he puts on a show. Miocic shows every fan of fighting that when you put in your work, whether it be at the firehouse or in the cage you can achieve great things.

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