Joe Rogan As The Voice of MMA: Super Necessary

Rogan continues to be an integral part of UFC's commentary team despite his massive Spotify deal. Image: PA Images
Jon Anik, Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier make up the UFC PPV commentary Team. Image: PA Images

Besides the Gracie family collectively and Dana White no one has done more for the legitimization of the sport of MMA than UFC commentator and super-fan, Joe Rogan. Rogan is a former Kickboxer. Rogan also holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black and Tae Kwon Do Black. Rogan has brought his lifelong love of martial arts to the UFC.

Starting at UFC 12 as a backstage and post-fight interviewer. Since then Rogan has gone on a few hiatuses but has always come back to some role as a part of the UFC broadcast team. Rogan even commentated a few of his first UFC fights for free after Zuffa purchased the promotion in 2001. Rogan loves the sport and even features MMA fighters on his widely successful podcast The Joe Rogan Experience which was bought by Spotify for 100 Million dollars. Rogan recently missed the call at UFC 265 in August and in September during UFC 266. This led to Trent Reinsmith writing an editorial for SB Nation’s bloody Elbow calling for the replacement of Rogan on the UFC’s Commentary team. Since then the MMA world came out in support of Rogan.

Fellow commentator and former UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormeir said in a tweet “Joe Rogan is the man! He has been so helpful and helps and asks for nothing in return. And Joe Rogan is the UFC, he’s yesterday’s UFC, he’s today’s UFC, Joe Rogan Will be tomorrow’s UFC! I am honored to be able to sit to his right on the biggest fight nights of the year!” Cormier, who shares the booth with Rogan on all UFC pay per views definitely knows Rogan’s proficiency as a commentator as they both provide very entertaining and informative banter about the fights and techniques as both of them are excellent martial artists and knowledgeable about the sport of MMA.

Former UFC middleweight Champion and UFC Commentator, Michael Bisping also tweeted “For me Joe Rogan is the man when it comes to commentating. it’s just become trendy to knock him for some insanely strange reason. I watch him and learn every time. He has fascinating takes and a way with words I can only aspire to. And this isn’t me being a company man either.” 

No one has gone above the call of duty in promoting the sport than Rogan. He really is the voice of MMA and goes above and beyond talking to fighters, doing fight companion podcasts, and is the embodiment  of a true martial artist who spent his life popularizing a sport that he saw the potential in during the sport’s infancy. When American boxing promoter Lou DiBella was likening the sport of MMA to “human cockfighting” on ESPN’s SportsCenter Rogan articulately defended MMA. Proving just how much Rogan loved the sport others liked to belittle. 

Rogan is the voice of MMA and hopefully will be for a long time to come. His commentary is truly, super necessary. 




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