What’s Next For Kayla Harrison?

Harrison after her Lightweight Championship win in October. Photo Courtesy of Cooper Neill / PFL

Kayla Harrison is a free agent as of the conclusion of her dominant performance when she won the 2021 PFL Women’s Lightweight Tournament. She has many options in the MMA world; she could stay at PFL and keep cashing million dollar checks every year. The other option would be the UFC, the world’s biggest promotion for MMA. The other option would be Bellator, it seems like that would probably be the best option for Harrison who’d definitely make an amazing addition to their already great Women’s Featherweight Division.

Harrison has found a nice home at the PFL for the first part of her MMA career. She has won their Lightweight title in back to back seasons. She could definitely stay in the PFL for years on end and she could keep cashing million dollar checks till the cows come home. Harrison has carved out the Women’s Lightweight division in MMA for the PFL it seems like this would be the least likely option even if that’s what Dana White thinks that’s what she should do.

The UFC is a likely landing spot for Harrison. She was sitting close to the UFC Octagon at UFC 268 it is not known if Harrison met with UFC brass at the event. It could be an interesting match for Harrison as the UFC doesn’t have a featherweight division at the moment as Dana White has pretty much killed the division, and there are only three fighters left in the division one of those fighters being the reigning 145 pound Champion, Amanda Nunes. It’d be interesting to see Harrison take on Nunes who she trains with at American Top Team.

The most interesting option would be Bellator. Bellator has an active Featherweight division with many big names she could possibly face. The most obvious fight people would want to see would be Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg it’d be an awesome fight. Other names in that division that’d be interesting to see Harrison fight would be Arlene Blencowe and Cat Zingano. It seems like it’d be a better fit for Harrison; she wouldn’t have to fight her training partner, she’d be in a promotion with an active featherweight division; it seems like a natural fit. It is known that Harrison will be sitting cageside at Bellator 271. It’d be interesting to see if she meets with the promotion.

Harrison has many options in the MMA world. She’ll be a contender no matter what promotion she decides to sign with. MMA fans would love to see her sign with all of these promotions and fight Nunes, Zingano, or Cyborg. We’ll keep you updated on her free agency.





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