5 Great MMA Podcasts You Should Be Listening To!

Matt Serra and the 10 Greatest Underdog Stories in MMA History | Bleacher  Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

There are other MMA podcasts out there other than the Joe Rogan Experience MMA show. For this list we cover MMA Podcasts that post regular episodes and also add something different from the other MMA podcasts out there. Whether it be the expertise of someone that’s stepped into the octagon or were pioneers in the sport like “Big” John McCarthy. Here’s our list! Please  tell us any we missed! We’d love to open our ears to other MMA podcasts that are coming out!

5. The Weighing In Podcast

The first podcast on our list is the Weighing in podcast which is hosted by “Big” John McCarthy and former Strikeforce World Champion Josh “The Punk” Thomson. The pair started their podcast two years ago and post regularly covering Bellator, PFL, and the UFC. McCarthy was one of the first referees in the sport starting refereeing bouts at UFC 2 and was at the table laying down the current Unified Rules of MMA used by every major promotion.

4. Believe You Me with Michael Bisping

Former UFC Champion Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping has one of the best MMA podcasts on the internet. Bisping who is often joined by comedian Luis J. Gomez has a unique voice of expertise being a Champion in the biggest MMA promotion in the world.  Bisping covers the current events of his life, MMA events and news, and interviews with interesting folks in the MMA sphere.

3. Below the Belt With Brendan Schaub and Food Truck Diaries

Former MMA fighter and current comedian Brendan Schaub hasn’t completely left the MMA world. He currently hosts two podcasts one Called Below The Belt which is Schaub talking about MMA news, recapping fight cards, and giving predictions of MMA fights. He also hosts a fight companion podcast on his Youtube Channel. Schaub also hosts Food Truck Diaries where he brings MMA fighters to a Food Truck they order Food and Schaub interviews the fighter.

2. UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

Former UFC champion and one of the only men to beat the great GSP, Matt Serra hosts a great podcast with Comedian Jim Norton. The pair have a great back and forth with each other and mix fight knowledge with their great personalities. The pair go over pre-fight and post fight analysis and also make commentary about what’s going on in the MMA world. They also have guests from the MMA world including Fighters and former fighters. One of the best podcasts on the market for sure. 

1. The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

Ariel Helwani who is known lovingly by fans as “Thug Nose” has returned from his gig at ESPN to host his Podcast the MMA hour. The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani is a staple for MMA fans twice a week. Helwani sits down with some of the greatest fighters in the sport and they talk about the going ons of the MMA world. Helwani provides in-depth analysis of UFC and MMA news across the sport’s other major promotions. Helwani provides something different for the MMA fan his knowledge and love of the sport really come across.





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