What’s Next for Gilbert Burns

Photo Courtesy of Zuffa llc

Gilbert Burns and Khamzat Chimaev put on an amazing fight when they faced off at UFC  273 on Saturday night. Even though Burns did not win it was a very close fight, and Burns damaged Chimaev more than any other opponent Chimaev has ever faced in his short UFC career. Burns has a lot of fights that make sense for him. 

One fight I’d like to see Burns take in the Welterweight division is a bout with Sean Brady. Brady is a Black Belt under Daniel Gracie and is undefeated in his MMA career; it’d be interesting to see these two high level Grapplers face off against one another. Burns is elite when it comes to his Jiu Jitsu being an IBJJF World Champion both in the Gi and out of the Gi and an ADWPJJC World Cup Champion. One of Burn’s most noted accomplishments in the Grappling world is a victory over Kron Gracie son of Rickson Gracie. It’d be cool to see this high level Grappling matchup in the UFC Octagon between Burns and Brady.

Belal Muhammad is another interesting fight for Burns. Win or lose in Muhammad’s in his matchup with Vicente Luque I think this is a sure fire great matchup between Muhammad and Burns. Muhammad sports an impressive 20-3-0 record with 1 no contest. He puts on an amazing show when he steps into the UFC Ocatagon. Burns definitely holds the edge with this fight in the Grappling department as Muhammad is only a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. Muhammad would definitely want to keep this fight on the feet and go crazy with his striking. Whereas burns would definitely want to take it to the ground and get a Submission victory using his Jiu Jitsu.

Burns and Chimaev have been going back and forth on social media which makes fans think that the pair might run it back in the near future. Although I don’t think it will be right away as I think that the Chimaev Covington fight will probably happen first, but I feel as a fan that I want to see Burns and Chimaev face off again. That was a potential fight of the year and the matchup still intrigues me.

We will see what is next for Burns, but I think these fights definitely make sense. 

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