5 Odd Fighter Omissions From The JRE MMA Show

UFC 249

Joe Rogan is the most popular podcast host in the world. His podcast the Joe Rogan Experience was recently bought by Spotify for 100 million. One of the best things about the JRE podcast is the JRE MMA show where Rogan sits with MMA’s biggest stars and talks to them for multiple hours covering an array of fascinating topics from Francis Ngannou talking about life as a child laborer in Africa to Stipe Miocic talking about being a firefighter in his time away from the sport. Last week Rogan sat down with the most dominant Women’s Flyweight champion ever, Valentina Schevchenko. And it makes one think of who are the odd omissions to the JRE MMA show.

5. Daniel Cormier

After his retirement from fighting in 2020 Cormier has filled his days as a UFC broadcaster for ESPN commentating for PPV, Fight Night cards, and on Tuesday Night’s Dana White’s Contender series. When not in the broadcast booth Cormier has his own podcast, but interestingly enough Cormier and Rogan who share the UFC broadcast booth haven’t sat down and done a podcast together. 

4. Amanda Nunes

Rogan has sat down with many notable women’s MMA fighters including Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, and Schevchenko. But Rogan has not sat down for a podcast with arguably the greatest female MMA fighter of all time Amanda Nunes. Nunes who became the first simultaneous female two division Champion has defended both her belts multiple times and it seems like no one can stop her. Rogan has shown nothing but praise for Amanda Nunes. 

3. Tony Furgeson

One of the most impressive win streaks in MMA history was Tony Furgeson’s 12 fight win streak. Furgeson climbed to the top of the lightweight division during this historic stretch. Ferguson has been cornered by Rogan’s friend Eddie Bravo. They both also have Black Belts Under Bravo. So it seems strange that the two wouldn’t have sat down and done a podcast by now.   Furgeson unfortunately has been on a three fight skid and has taken time off from fighting. Furgeson is currently trading verbal barbs with Conor McGregor on Twitter. It’d be interesting to hear Furgeson and Rogan talk about the fight game

2. The Diaz Brothers

Nate and Nick Diaz both returned to the UFC Octagon in 2021. Unfortunately they both didn’t win, but they both showed why they are fan favorites. Rogan has talked about how enjoys both of the Diaz brothers and their authenticity. Rogan has talked about how ridiculous Nick’s suspension was, and how it was harsh considering that his opponent Anderson Silva tested positive for steroids and got less of a suspension.  Rogan who has been an open champion for marijuana and the drugs positive uses and they’d definitely have an interesting dialogue.

1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov has been retired from fighting MMA for about a year now. Nurmagomedov who showed complete dominance in The UFC Octagon with an undefeated record has taken up coaching and has been very successful as a coach. It is no doubt that Rogan and Nurmagomedov would have a fascinating dialogue about fighting and coaching a sport that they both love. Nurmagomedov, whose native tongue is Russian, has said in the past that he would do the podcast if his English got better eventually. It’d be interesting if Rogan got his friend Lex Fridman a native Russian speaker who is also a Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, who could translate anything that  Nurmagomedov could not express properly. It’d be a fascinating podcast episode.




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